Welcome to Rakod Widows Foundation

Rakod widows Foundation (RWF) is a community based, nongovernmental organization, which focuses on women and children's wellbeing.

We, as an organization, seek to deal with widows, orphans and people of such caliber who are less privileged.

As such,  the organization deals with locally formed groups who write proposals seeking assistance in their developmental activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as a plat form that will facilitate both the organization and community development initiatives with funding agencies.

Our Vision

Our vision is “informed communities, improved lifestyles”. Thus, our vision is to ensure that all communities are well informed which will result in improvement in their lifestyle of all our beneficiaries
Welcome to Rakod Widows Foundation
We are a community based, national Non-Governmental Organization, with focus on women and children’s wellbeing.
Rakod agric team have played a leading role in developing improved cassava varieties which are disease- and pest-resistant, low in cyanide content, drought-resistant, early maturing....
some women at the cassava mill

Cassava Project

Our Projects

Rakod objectives are to develop new varieties of yams with desired agronomic and quality traits (e.g., high and stable yields and reduced labor requirements) and improve yam-based
Yam Project

Yam Project

Rakod provides technical expertise and support directly to other agencies including Ghana education services(GES) and district assemblies in other to achieve lasting impact.
People washing their hands
Hand wash

Handwash Project

Rakod aid started in 2013 as an educational scholarship scheme providing financial assistance to needy students in pre-school, junior high school and the senior high school education.
A girl in a school uniform

Aid Project

Rakod widow’s foundation education and hygiene program works in collaboration with Ghana education services, Ghana health service and the district assemblies to improve....

Education And Hygiene

A school boy uniform
To improve general health care and screening for the aged and young adult to increase demand for quality health services. Rakod widow’s foundation improves access to facilities....


An old woman getting a health check
Rakod works to improve smallholder farmers’ production through the introduction of appropriate new techniques and the development of skills to profitability supply local....

Agricultural Livelihoods

A woman seated in a farm
We employ an integrated approach the poor and the vulnerable people lead full and productive lives with a focus on the signature program areas of the health, agriculture livelihood and education.

What We Do

Rakod Foundation has developed high yielding and disease-resistant varieties that are adaptable to various agro ecological zones. Their research accomplishments...
A woman removing mazie

Maize Project

The Rakod widows foundation through the agriculture Project is a poverty reduction program designed to improve the nutrition and livelihood status of vulnerable households in....

Small Ruminant Project

A boy with goats

Our Partner Organizations

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Honor a Mother Today
A mother breastfeeding a baby
Every hour in the developing world, 33 women die in childbirth.  600 babies are born dead or die within weeks of birth.

99% of these deaths occur in developing countries and among women from poor or rural communities.

In 2013, 6.3 million children died under the age of five, which is almost 17,000 children each day.
Infant mortality rates are 13 times higher in developing countries than they are in high-income countries.

The devastating truth behind this unacceptable loss of life is that, for the most part, it is preventable.  In fact, 5.9 million children under 5 die from preventable causes and 52% of maternal deaths can be attributed to....
Randy Kojo Danquah
Mr. Randy “Kojo” Danquah is the Founder and Executive Director of Rakod Widow’s Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Ghana whose initiative was developed to alleviate poverty among widows and the less privilege in our communities.

Since its inception in late 2013, Rakod Widow’s Foundation has provided for widowed beneficiaries valuable importance such as; food, clothing, toiletries as well as health screenings from its caring and dedicated medical staff of professionals.

The Rakod team has also resource to the beneficiary’s, minimum farming guidance to insure that they too can benefit from self-sufficient provisions.
Ongoing, education will be an implemental necessity to have incorporated for these ladies as they strive to further better themselves and their children....